Sometimes, I think my image and identity confuse people, because I almost always wear a tie, and for some reason, in our culture, ties are considered inherently masculine – which makes no sense to me. I mean, what could be prettier or daintier than tying a bow or ribbon around your neck, like a goddamn kitten? Do women even have anything that compares to this?

You might site a barrette, but that actually serves a utilitarian function, whereas my tie serves no function apart from being pretty. That’s literally all this does. Or you might note that women can routinely wear flowers in their hair, but let’s unpack that for a moment, because what you’ve really done is gone into another life form’s habitat, ripped off its genitals, and stuck them in your hair, like a goddamn war token. So really, what could be more masculine than wearing a flower in your hair?

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