Hey everybody. I can’t sleep and would like to take this opportunity to be serious, for a change.

On my podcast, Your Fault for Listening, I often joke about my own chronic and suicidal depression. Well, yesterday morning, I learned that Seattle lost one of the pillars of their community. I never met this individual, so I won’t site them by name, but my Facebook wall has been a constant stream of testimonials about the joys, hopes, and opportunities they brought to everyone who had the honor of meeting them.

My purpose in writing this is to remind anyone struggling with depression or depressive thoughts to talk to someone – doctors, family, friends … someone. And if you know someone struggling with these issues, check in from time to time; not in an intrusive or interrogative way, but remind them that they’re loved and have your support. This may not always save their life, but at least you may have been a glimmer of light in their darkest of days.

I joke about suicide and depression to skew my negative inner narratives in my favor, and hope my readers and listeners understand that. I also hope that my humor makes it clear to victims of depression (that black-eyed dog) that it’s OK to vocalize your feelings, and doing so can be cathartic and invite others into the discussion.

I love you all, and to all those for whom depression, struggle, illness, pain, or adversity proved too much to deal with …

RIP – You are still loved and never forgotten.


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