I was thinking about our evolution recently and how we started as hunter-gatherers, which means, we all recognized the need to eat, but the female solution was to take a pleasant stroll through the Savannah, gathering fresh fruits and veggies. The male solution, however, was to waste other resources in an attempt to kill shit. And ever since, men have referred to weapons as tools.

And it’s a good thing the women of the tribe had gathered those fruits and veggies, because even if the hunt was successful and more than a third of the hunting party survived, we couldn’t do anything with the meat, having thrown all the decent flint and firewood at megafauna.

I’m pretty sure, if left to their own devices, men would still be hiding in bushes, attempting to steal scraps from superior predators. Whereas female civilization would have progressed just as it has. The only difference being, if a woman did choose to reproduce, she would have to trap a fit male, allow him to mount, and send him back into the wild,¬†before he got too attached and pissed on her carpet.

(listen at https://soundcloud.com/yourfaultforlistening/thompson)


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