Having served my time in the trenches, I still feel a strong connection with retail workers. And by “the trenches,” I mean aisle 8 – the chaos aisle.

Aisle 8 was the aisle that started with bread and canned goods, but ended with feminine hygiene and incontinence products. Aisle 8 was where a charming, young man misplaced a large bag of heroin. Aisle 8 was also where an elderly gentleman once dropped his pants and took a giant shit in the middle of the aisle, before the stunt was repeated on two more occasions by two different, unrelated customers.

And on more than one occasion did a sex worker come in to buy sweats or scrubs, having misplaced her clothing the night before, but only once did she come in completely naked to buy mascara.

(listen at http://www.soundcloud.com/yourfaultforlistening/srinivasan)


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