I may lose my membership for telling you this, but there really is a race war goins on; it’s widely televised and passive aggressive as fuck, and here’s how it works:

Every couple of years, we [People of Color] coin some new, irrational slang term like “fo’ shizzle,” “bootylicious,” or “fuck boy,” and place it prominently into a pop song just gully enough to retain street cred, but just Top 40 enough fa’ yo’ punk asses to peep the new flava; and we’ll play it around you every chance we get, until you lose yo’ goddamn minds and start saying it too, at which point we stop … immediately – just to make you look like assholes.¬†You can rest assured, if we listen to an urban classic in the privacy of our own homes, we sing that shit loud and proud, like it’s the dopest shit on the block, but let us hear you say it and we won’t hesitate to tell you we don’t fux with that shit no more – or as y’all would say, “that shit is whack, dawg.”

It’s a bit shady and I know that, but fair is fair, and y’all muthafuckas did fire the first shots.

(listen at http://www.soundcloud.com/yourfaultforlistening/parks)


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