I think we should replace¬†the word arachnophobia, because I think it puts too much blame on the victim. No one talks about “murderous stalker phobia,” and a human stalker is actually better, because they’ll at least write you some creepy love letters before breaking into your house to claim their prize. But for a spider, that’s pretty much its icebreaker.¬†They just break into your house, creep out on a corner, and look at you like you’re small.

And we’ve all walked into a spider’s web, right? And what is a spider’s web but a booby trap? That’s why they put them in front of your door. They know you walk in and out, day and night, and they want you to get stuck in it, so they can kill you and drink your blood.

(listen at http://soundcloud.com/yourfaultforlistening/nakis)


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