We all have terrible friends, and if you’re not sure which of your friends is a monster, it’s the one you always describe as “a good guy” – that subhuman piece of garbage. Like, if you’re ever talking to someone and say, “I don’t like Carl. He’s always saying racist shit.” If the answer you get back is, “Yeah, but he’s a good guy.” Carl also eats babies.

And you rarely hear it said about women. You never say, “I don’t like Cynthia, because she’s always spouting racist shit” and get back “Yeah, but she’s a good woman,” unless you’re talking to Carl, who’s still a racist piece of shit, but now he’s also sexist. Because, if you think about it, “she’s a good woman” is usually a thinly veiled euphemism for “she always has dinner ready and lets me hide meth in her vagina.”

(listen at http://www.soundcloud.com/yourfaultforlistening/pasi)


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